Sunday, January 2, 2011

NEWS - 2010 Favorite

Photographer Aline Smithson recently brought together almost 400 artists from around the world in an online exhibition of favorite images of 2010. The participants ranged from those whose work is being showcased for the first time, to significant photographers who have had museum exhibitions. I liked her comment, "why not bump up against each other once in awhile?"  
     Some other quotes from Aline that resonate loudly with me are "I try to look for or create moments that are at once familiar, yet unexpected. The odd juxtapositions that we find in life are worth exploring, whether it is with humor, compassion, or by simply taking the time to see them." "I have been greatly influenced by the Japanese concept of celebrating a singular object. I tend to isolate subject matter and look for complexity in simple images, providing an opportunity for telling a story in which all is not what it appears to be."
     For these reasons, I submitted Dragonscape, an image I created in the sweltering heat of the summer of 2010. There's a simplistic beauty in this image that I found captivating and am glad that it was included in Aline's post.    
     The entire collection of images can be found at Aline's blogspot, Lenscratch.


  1. Congrats Larry! A great image to have included in a beautiful show of great images.

  2. Wonderful blog/post and a great image included in the Lenscratch Gallery.

  3. Ahh, yes. I remember this great image (Dragonscape).

    Congratulations on being included in Aline's (Lenscratch)compilation of images. Great news!

    Barbara Thomas