Sunday, September 12, 2010

Untitled Series - Part One

© Larry Torno

Dragonscape is an image I found in one of my favorite locations. Two other posts from this same area included Ride with Traffic and Jaws. Each time I return to this spot, I find something new.
     As I exited my car on this hot, humid, summer evening, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sight of what I thought was a flock of birds. Instead, it turned out to be a swarm of 70 or so dragonflies darting back and forth just overhead, in somewhat of a frenzy. Once I got used to them being there, I began to wander around and found this single fly perched on a signpost. I like the silhouette of the insect and the delicate visual balance it maintains with the vertical post; its lightweight body and transparent wings resting on a solid steel pole.
     It is said that a dragonfly symbolizes "prosperity, good luck, strength, peace, harmony and purity." I prefer the myth that "dragonflies will seek out children who lie or are bad, and sew their mouths shut as they sleep."

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  1. That explains why I was terrified of them as a child. I think I would rather have my pants on fire.