Sunday, April 24, 2011


© Larry Torno

Recently I posted a photo of a train titled, Rhythm. It began as an observation of composition and exposure but when an independent art consultant and curator noted that this image fit in well with the soft pastel colored series Focal Point, I had to take another look.
     This week's post explores the concept further with a new image titled Vertical Lift. Shot similarly with a long exposure, the image of a high rise apartment building becomes selective in content; isolating a vertical bank of windows highlighted by the sun. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Hundred

It's my 100th post and these are my Top Ten + Two, favorite images.

Bridge 364  |  Shot from a makeshift dashboard cam.

Camouflaged  |  Finding a retired Vietnam era fighter jet in the middle of a public park.

Close Encounter  |  Barbie like she's never been seen before.

Comb  |  Lucky find of a parking lot looking like an abstract canvas.

December 1  |  First photo with my new camera -  a sight seen and captured.

Dragonscape  |  You can practically feel the sweat rolling down your back viewing this humid summer shot.

Focal Point 11  |  Not how the camera was intended to be used.

In Form  |  Simple beauty and the last shot taken with my old camera before it fell over and broke into pieces.

Pyramids of St. Louis  |  Seeing the opportunity and having the patience to wait for the cloud to fall into position.

Ride with Traffic  |  My favorite shot from my favorite spot.

White Tulips 3  |  Natural light, captured and reflected.

 Peg  |  My wife and willing model.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


© Larry Torno

Rhythm is the result of being stuck at a railroad crossing, lulled by the steady beat of a passing train.
     It's not snow, it's an overly long exposure.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

NEWS - Barbie Goes to Dublin

Queens of Neon

Barbie goes international again.
     This time it's to Dublin, Ireland and the collection of the Queens of Neon, a creative art installation/event business. They selected a photograph from my original Barbie Doll Portrait Project series because, as they said, "it completely captures us both in essence".
     Thanks for the purchase Sharon and Amo.