Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coming Soon - Focal Point

Focal Point 022
© Larry Torno

The gallery owner's first reaction to this image was "This is a photograph?" and I knew I was onto something. Focal Point 022 is the first image in a new series of nontraditional photos.  
     As a young boy, I was oblivious to the norm. If everybody went to the right, I went to the left. Once, I thought it would be a great idea to turn our neighbor's sliding board upside down. Since it was my brilliant idea, I got to go first. I ended up with stitches in my leg from the rusty bolts sticking out of the bottom of the slide, and a painful tetanus shot to ward off infection. 
     Focal Point 022 is the adult version of the overturned sliding board. While everyone is figuring out how to sharpen their images, I wondered what I could make my camera do that it wasn't really intended to do; render subject matter so far out of focus that it's no longer relevant or distinguishable as it's original content.  
     This series of images is printed in a large 
30" x 20" format. At this size, you can stare into the photographs and experience them on a purely visceral level. The balance, depth and composition of the images yield shape and form not visible at first glance. I like studying the subtleties of the transparent colors and the seamless nature of their infrastructures. 


  1. Brilliant. Original. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you Paul. The gallery owner challenged me to show him something he's never seen before.