Sunday, January 30, 2011

Focal Point - Part Two

Focal Point 011
© Larry Torno

I had such positive feedback and increased viewership since last week's post, that I decided to release a second image in the Focal Point series. Thanks everyone, and keep the emails and comments coming.
     The most common question asked about the first photo was, "What is it?". While I realize the need to discern the subject matter, I hoped the photo would be experienced as an individual viewpoint. So, I respond with my own question, "What do you think it is?"
     Today's post, Focal Point 011, is another of many photos taken in October, 2010; so many that I can't recall the subject matter in some images and that's just fine with me. I'd rather see the subtle blue creeping into the bottom, right-hand corner, or the darkened edge along the top or the way the green and ivory separate more softly in certain areas. This is why I shot these images. When viewed close up at the 30" x 20" size, your field of vision is consumed in soft undulating colors that keep shifting shapes.

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