Sunday, October 31, 2010

NEWS - Barbie Goes To Amsterdam

This month, Barbie goes international. 
The Dutch publication, Psychologie Magazinehas selected an image from my series of Barbie doll portraits to appear in their November issue. The photograph, Frankie, Annette and Moondoggie, is used to illustrate an article on fashion and psychology, and answers the question, "What do you express when you're wearing certain clothes?"
     I'm excited to have one of my photos reproduced in a European publication

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sky Painting - Part One

Northern Composure
© Larry Torno

I couldn't have asked for a better sky background than the one I found for the composition of this image. The clouds were already forming as I arrived at the location and I only had to search for a short time to find the appropriate foreground subject to complement the sky. 
     This is my favorite place to photograph and it never lets me down. Recent posts; Dragonscape, Jaws and Ride with Traffic, were all shot within 100 yards of this spot.
     Northern Composure is yet another interpretation of the visual complexity I continue to find in this area.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Untitled Series - Part Four

Bridge 364, Duo
© Larry Torno

Bridge 364, Duo was shot after a disappointing morning of trying to find something interesting about these side-by-side spans that I hadn't seen before.
     As I headed home over the river, I saw the image I was looking for, grabbed the camera, set in on my dashboard and took a chance.
     I like the spontaneity of the composition, the moodiness of the clouds and the motion in the shot.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Untitled Series - Part Three

© Larry Torno

I photographed the opposite end of this building (Spaceship), then discovered another scene around the back that is completely different, save for the repetition of the small square windows. The composition reminded me of the long-shadowed paintings of Bill Kohn.
     As complex as the multi-planed surfaces are from this angle, I found it interesting to see how the light flattened the scene and held the image together.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Untitled Series - Part Two

© Larry Torno

I enjoy capturing the moment when simple observations of my surroundings turn into something else. I like creating the transition from what is in front of me to what I hadn't known was there until I clicked the shutter.
     Ironman is a great example of the transformation of reality into perception. At Bishop's Landing along the Missouri River in St. Charles, MO sits a series of flood stage pipes that jut out of the water like large, imposing figures. When seen in silhouette, these massive steel structures become goliaths wading at the water's edge.
     Letting my imagination run wild is a gift I was given that allows me to find things that amuse and entertain me.