Sunday, May 5, 2013


In April I spent a week at my childhood home helping my father recover from an extended hospital stay.
     During that time I revisited the past and discovered that some things have not changed since I moved out 36 years ago.
     See you at the next blog post on Sunday, June 2(click on any image to see the slide show)

My father continues to quietly display my mother's love of angels.

A prayer gets repeated and reposted on the kitchen bulletin board.

Mom's pin cushion remains where she left it, 9 years after her death and many years more since she quit sewing.

My favorite chairs are still my favorite chairs.

An envelope can last a long time but a phone number changes.

Where art and utility meet.

Pride and accomplishments deserve to be shared.

Barbasol, Aramis and English Leather retain their aromas.

Even in a closet, typewriter keys gather dust.

Rotary phones still work and ring loudly.

A Remington Roll-A-Matic is the original retro style.

Dad never gave away my brother's Roy Rogers Rodeo Ranch.

True love lasts forever.