Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Hundred

It's my 100th post and these are my Top Ten + Two, favorite images.

Bridge 364  |  Shot from a makeshift dashboard cam.

Camouflaged  |  Finding a retired Vietnam era fighter jet in the middle of a public park.

Close Encounter  |  Barbie like she's never been seen before.

Comb  |  Lucky find of a parking lot looking like an abstract canvas.

December 1  |  First photo with my new camera -  a sight seen and captured.

Dragonscape  |  You can practically feel the sweat rolling down your back viewing this humid summer shot.

Focal Point 11  |  Not how the camera was intended to be used.

In Form  |  Simple beauty and the last shot taken with my old camera before it fell over and broke into pieces.

Pyramids of St. Louis  |  Seeing the opportunity and having the patience to wait for the cloud to fall into position.

Ride with Traffic  |  My favorite shot from my favorite spot.

White Tulips 3  |  Natural light, captured and reflected.

 Peg  |  My wife and willing model.


  1. Excellent choices. Love the way it begins/ends by you hiding with deep blacks and your wife hiding with stark whites.

  2. I like the variety of the subject matter.