Sunday, July 18, 2010

Midwest Cliché - Part Seven

Forest for the Trees
© Larry Torno

Last week I posted a photo of two trucks that I found near the Big Muddy Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Before coming across the side-by-side trailers, I took a short hike in the woods and discovered another image for the Midwest Cliché series.
     Forest for the Trees illustrates the idiom that Midwesterners are simple people who don't look far beyond the small details of their lives to comprehend the bigger picture.
     While I understand the meaning of the adage, I don't agree with the premise that small details should be overlooked for the sake of the larger effort. These saplings stand alone as individual elements, yet are an essential part of the total growth and uniqueness of the area.
     Not only do I see the trees, but I see the forest, feel the breeze on my face, smell the dampness of the grass and hear the birds in the distance.

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