Sunday, December 13, 2009

Overhead Projections — Part One

Macys Tower

Larry Torno

I like creating images of real elements that, when taken out of context, have a completely different interpretation.
     This image of the dome of a Macy's store reminded me of the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. I carefully cropped it to have the same visual effect as the rising tower, which was popularized in the movie Close Encounters. The positioning of the tower in the lower left-hand corner against the expanse of the massive cloud bank, lends a feeling of the wide open spaces found in the Great American West. Shot from the parking lot of a Midwest shopping mall, Macys Tower bears little resemblance to its urban setting.
     A little known historical fact about the Wyoming monument is that when the proclamation establishing Devils Tower was published, the apostrophe was unintentionally dropped from "Devil's" — and this clerical error was never officially corrected. It seemed fitting that I should also delete the mark from the title of my image, Macys Tower.

Macys Tower is available in a limited edition through the Bruno David Gallery.


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  2. How strange is it that I was just watching "Close Encounters" yesterday? Is someone trying to tell me something? Great shot Larry. The clouds added a nice texture to the shot.

    Sorry about the previous post. I thought I was signed in but, actually it was Lynn.

  3. i like sort of looks like a fan blowing cotton candy in the air...

  4. Sorry, but I see a giant nipple. Oh well, shows where my mind is I guess.