Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sign of the Cross - Part Nine

Jesus Saves
© Larry Torno

This is actually an image I photographed in 
2005 but only recently revisited, re-cropped and re-issued.  
     I like the flatness of the composition and the juxtaposition of seemingly mismatched items. And, since I am a graphic designer by trade, I'm fascinated by the layout of the type. The conservation of letters, by using the "S" for both words, and the idea to fill all of the available space, is an unabashed use of design. 


  1. I like the mix of architectural styles from basic function to classic ornate. What's the story behind the column?

  2. The column is commonly referred to as the St. Louis Water Tower and I discovered it by accident in one of my Sunday drives. Apparently it has quite an interesting history.