Sunday, August 1, 2010

Botanica - Part Four

Dolphin Devours Tulip
© Larry Torno

It's probably not the best title I've given to one of my photographs but it sure was fun to write.
     A curator once told me, "When you're ready to title your work, think about what you were feeling or what you were seeing at the moment you created the photo."
    Consider this; the coloration in the bowl of the flower, as seen from below, has a soft luminescence that emanates from the base of the stem and fades into the shape of the petals. The unfamiliar cropping makes the black negative space as much a part of the composition as the invasive shapes of the tulip, stem and leaves.
     It would have been easy to keep this image in color, but when viewed in black and white, we see much more than what is obvious and expected. 


  1. A unique photo with a dual porpoise; art & humor

  2. Beautiful and dramatic! Great choice as a b&w photo. Not sure I agree with the title but it's your art and your choice! Wishing you continued creative bliss, Renee Phillips