Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trees - Part One

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Opera Tree

© Larry Torno

I love this photograph but not many people share my enthusiasm for it. It's one of my favorite images for a multitude of reasons.

The base of the tree is dead center in the image; something I don't usually do or care for. However in this case, by placing it there, it becomes an integral part in the composition; the anchor, if you will. It's massive, dark, solid shape keeps drawing your eye back to it's location.

By cropping the tree so that no upper branches are showing, it becomes transformed to appear as an architectural element, like the vertical brick columns that flank it and form the wall in the background.

The decorative, wrought iron railing starts on the left side of the photo and extends to the right, but suddenly disappears behind the tree.

The sheet of plastic lining along the back wall, is somewhat translucent and creates several ethereal panels of distorted shapes; like a gallery of large abstract canvases.

The foreground texture of the leaves contrasts with the smooth, symmetrical lines on the ceiling, which in turn, lead you back into the depths of the photograph.

It's a lot to consider, but the initial feeling I had when I created this image was "there's more here than meets the eye."

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  1. I was drawn immediately to the missing railing to the right thinking you spliced two photos because it looks like it should continue and yet doesn't. The bulky material on the floor to the right appears to disappear to the left providing an unusual balance. I like it.