Sunday, August 28, 2011

Curated - Part One

Recently I received a comment that I should create more than one image of a location. The truth is, I do create more than one image - often I create many images but only post one as a sample of what I'm working on. Sometimes the photos I create are scattered throughout the blog, within different series. And sometimes I edit the selections down to the one image that I like the best.
     Looking back at previous posts, I realized that a group of photos all came from the same location; six out of seven of them within a hundred yards of each other. They were all shot on different days, at different times of the year, over several years, but I liked the way they came together as a body of work.
     Here then is my first self-curated, mini-show of an area called Hog Hollow; where suburbia surrounds corn fields and open areas. Enjoy the show. (click on any image to enlarge)

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  1. A terrific collection of images. Well-curated.