Sunday, May 22, 2011

Botanica - Part Twelve

Light Upon
© Larry Torno

There's a story about a college art professor who divided his class in half and told them they would be evaluated according to the following criteria. Group A's entire grade would be based solely on the quality of 1 image. Group B, on the other hand, would be graded on the sheer volume of images they created.
     The end of the semester results showed that Group A overworked their piece, constantly trying to refine it. In Group B, the artists worked tirelessly to create new images and along the way, failed, learned from their experiences, took chances, succeeded in areas they hadn't considered and created more challenging work.
     That's what this blog is for me; a chance to look at opportunities, learn something today that I didn't know yesterday and awaken the creativity that lies within.

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