Sunday, June 6, 2010

Portrait of a Moment - Part Nine

The Artist Robbie
© Larry Torno

After a long hiatus, the Portrait of a Moment series continues. This time it's the artist, Robbie.
     We shot a lot of photos this day, trying to find the defining pose. As we were about to wrap things up, Robbie relaxed a bit and rested his head on his hand . . . that's all it took and the last few exposures captured the portrait I was looking for.


  1. I know that I'm biased but, I think it's amazing. You managed to get beautiful lighting and the composition is wonderful. Well done Larry. :)

  2. Robbie - you got the pose, all I did was set the chair by the window, tape up some tissue paper and look for the right moment. THANKS for sitting for this portrait.