Sunday, January 31, 2010

Overhead Projections - Part Three

Planet Yin Yang
Larry Torno

The St. Louis Science Center has an observatory tower called the Planetarium. It was designed by Gyo Obata, founding partner of HOK Architects. My very first job, after graduating from college, was as a graphic designer for HOK.
     I have always been fascinated by the simple, unique shape of the Planetarium. The shadows constantly change as the sun moves throughout the year and on this cold, January day, the structure practically disappeared in the bright light. The remaining light gray silhouette defined the edge of the building and created an angular slash across the image.
     Although the clouds that day were interesting, I dropped these wispy clouds into the photo for a more dramatic look. Cropped this way, the black sky and white Planetarium ends up looking like the Chinese Yin Yang symbol. 

Planet Yin Yang is available as a limited edition print through the Bruno David Gallery.

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