Sunday, September 13, 2009

Portrait of a Moment - Part Five

© Larry Torno, 2009

I was asked to bring the Portraits back, so this is the first of four more in the series.

While taking Beth's portrait, I discovered that I really liked her expression when she said the word "okay." However, the timing of saying "Okay" and clicking the shutter simultaneously, became a bit confusing when the conversation went something like this:

ME: I like the way it looks when you say "Okay." So to get the timing right, why don't you say "Okay" right after I say "Okay."

BETH: "Okay."

ME: No, not yet. Wait until I say "Okay."

BETH: "Okay."

ME: "Okay?" Are you ready?

BETH: "Okay."

Anyway, we got the shot and I really like it. Okay?

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