Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paved Paradise - Part Four

Light Field
© Larry Torno, 2007

Sometimes the shot is not OF the parking lot but what's IN the parking lot.

This scene appeared on one of my Sunday Art Adventures. I was so taken by the location that I cut across several lanes of oncoming traffic and shot the image without getting out of my car. I couldn't wait to capture what I was seeing.

A fine art photographer friend of mine commented on the photo with the following accolades:

You are right!! It is just wonderfully seen. Edward Weston, my hero, once wrote, that the difference between the good and the great photograph is what he called "seeing plus." Only a handful of photographers can even define "seeing plus" and that is why 99.9% of all pictures are what Ansel Adams called "a nice record of something that exists.!!!!!!! "Seeing plus" is the hidden treasure that you must find to elevate above the masses - You have arrived!!

Care to take a guess as to what the hidden treasure was that Bob saw in this image?

Here's the missing sentence from his comment . . . The wire coming back in at the bottom is just the kicker!!

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  1. Well, besides being a compelling study in abstraction— the hidden treasure is the straight, horizontal line which is perfectly parallel to the top of the picture plane— created by the illusion of the light (on the left) which is in NO WAY straight. Spotting that from your car while driving is truly rare.

    I understand your eye Larry. I have always seen "too much"... but that is normal for me—like it has always been for you. Some people's eyes are on hyper-view. "Seeing" is an experience the rest of the world uses to get around (bar the obvious... like sunsets, etc). You are "afflicted" with a gift. Just be careful driving. You need a bumper sticker: "I BRAKE FOR BEAUTY."