Sunday, May 24, 2009

Portrait of a Moment - Part One

© Larry Torno, 2009

Rather than call this next series simply, Portraits, I decided to refer to them instead, as Portraits of a Moment.

To capture the essence of a person in one sitting with a single image is quite a tall order. But, to spend some time with someone and come away with a sense of who they were for a while, seemed more realisitic.

What will follow in the next few weeks are some photographs of my favorite, captured Portraits of a Moment.


  1. This is really lovely Larry. It captures the heart and soul of Zia through her eyes. Her impish smile and generous heart shines,reflecting the beautiful woman behind the illness. Thank you for sharing this moment with us all. :)

  2. Larry:
    I don't know your subject, but I have been the recipient of "that look" many times from my mother!
    As always, you "get it"!

  3. Portraits. Monuments... you are weilding this photographic tool with mastery!